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Curiosity and Writing

Nine years have passed since I first started asking people for information I could use in my books. At first, requesting information was a harrowing experience for me. How do I go about asking perfect strangers for some of their time and expertise? Should I call?...

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 Susan Van Kirk Reading from The Education of a Teacher (Including Dirty Books and Pointed Looks recorded at Waterline Writers in Batavia, Illinois.

Malice Domestic Book Conference Spring 2017

I’ll be attending Malice Domestic, a book conference in Bethesda, Maryland, for mystery writers and mystery lovers. You can see the website here. The last time I went to this conference, I interviewed Hallie Ephron, author of several books on mystery writing, as well as several award-winning mysteries. I also met my wonderful freelance editor, Lourdes Venard, face-to-face. This year I look forward to seeing other writers from the Midwest chapter of Mystery Writers of America. Great fun! [That is Lori Rader-Day of Chicago next to me on the panel in 2015. She is the president of the Midwest chapter of MWA. Her mysteries have gone on to win wonderful awards!]

Kindle Now Available

If you live locally, the Warren County Public Library now has a Kindle you may check out just like a book. My novella, The Locket: From the Casebook of TJ Sweeney, is already preloaded so you can read it if you don’t have your own Kindle.

 “My Book” Essay in Mystery Scene Magazine

Mystery Scene Magazine has put an essay about my second Endurance novel, Marry in Haste, online. You can read about it at   You’ll see a shout out to my home town of Galesburg, Illinois, and my current town of Monmouth, Illinois.





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Susan Van Kirk is a writer of short stories, mysteries, and a creative, non-fiction memoir about teaching. Her first mystery, "Three May Keep a Secret," was published by Five Star/Cengage in the fall of 2014. A novella about her detective, "The Locket: From the Casebook of TJ Sweeney," released in spring, 2016, only as an ebook. Five Star published the second novel in the series, "Marry in Haste," in the fall of 2016. The last novel of the trilogy, "Death Takes No Bribes," came out the following spring. A high school and college teacher for forty-four years, she has always been interested in mysteries since she read the entire Sherlock Holmes series at an early age. It was love at first murder, and yes, her parents were worried.

Currently, she is writing a new book which should be finished in the fall of 2017, and she spends her time between the small town of Monmouth, Illinois, and the large city of Phoenix, Arizona, where her three children and nine grandchildren live.

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