The Endurance Mysteries

ThreeMayKeepASecretFrontThree May Keep a Secret

Grace Kimball, recently retired teacher in the small town of Endurance, is haunted by a dark event from her past, an experience so terrifying she has never been able to put it behind her. Most days, however, Grace loves her life in her little town, filled with supportive friends and former students. Through her head run the crazy antics of those students each time she runs into another one in her small universe.

When Grace’s former colleague, Brenda Norris, is murdered in a suspicious fire, Grace’s friend and Endurance detective, TJ Sweeney, has an endless line of suspects. The new editor of the local newspaper, Jeff Maitlin, offers Grace a temporary job finishing Brenda’s research on the 175th centennial of the town. Neither of them realizes the charming town hides people who will do anything to keep their secrets.

 Blackmail, lies, and secrets. Even Grace’s life will be threatened by her worst nightmare as TJ Sweeney races against time to find a killer when yet a second murder occurs.

 Against a backdrop of murder, Grace and Jeff find an undeniable attraction for each other. However, Grace knows nothing of his past, and when suspicious deaths occur, she finds herself wondering if she can trust this mystery man.

(Book available at Amazon or in hardcover, ebook, and softcover large print.)

MarryInHasteFrontMarry in Haste (Endurance Mysteries Book # 2)

“Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure” —Benjamin Franklin

Marry in Haste, is the story of two lives over a hundred years apart, both illustrating the resilience of women in the small town of Endurance.

Grace Kimball, retired teacher, is writing for the Endurance Register and dating its editor, Jeff Maitlin. When he buys a huge Victorian house and borrows money from the bank, he sets off a chain of events that puts Grace in danger. Conrad Folger, the bank president, is murdered, and his wife, Emily, becomes the prime suspect. Grace’s friend and Endurance police detective, TJ Sweeney, investigates, and Grace also sets out to prove her former student innocent.

If Grace is right and Emily Folger is innocent, who else had a motive to kill the bank president? A list of possible suspects emerges: spurned lovers, unhappy bank clients, and even family members.

Grace and Jeff also find a diary from 1893 in Lockwood House, Jeff’s newly-bought mansion. Written by a naïve 17-year-old who comes to Endurance from a small farm, it tells Olivia Havelock’s bittersweet story. She marries a powerful judge, and what begins as a joyous event quickly turns to terror.

As Grace reads the diary, she soon sees parallels to the life of Emily Folger. Can the lessons from the past help Grace clear Emily’s name? And can she do it in time, before a killer strikes again?

Marry in Haste will be available in hardcover and e-book from Five Star Publishing/Cengage. Buy it at, or check for it at your favorite library after November 16, 2016.

Death Takes No Bribes (Endurance Mysteries # 3)

“Death Takes No Bribes” — Benjamin Franklin

Who Poisoned Endurance Principal John Hardy?

Retired teacher-turned-sleuth Grace Kimball returns to her old haunt with Detective TJ Sweeney to investigate Grace’s former colleagues. Could one of them be a killer?

The chemistry teacher who designed a poison unit? A spurned lover or her betrayed husband? A soon-to-be wealthy widow? Sweeney and Grace have plenty of suspects. To top that off, the drama teacher at the high school is producing “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

Meanwhile, Grace’s boyfriend and editor of the Endurance Register, Jeff Maitlin, has disappeared on some mysterious errand from his past. Then, Grace gets devastating news.

Death is stalking the halls of Endurance High School, and Grace Kimball and TJ Sweeney are only a few steps ahead.

Death Takes No Bribes will be available in paperback and e-book from, or check for it at your favorite library after June 1, 2017.

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