Art Center Mysteries

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Book cover with the title, "Death in a Bygone Hue" with blue and pink background and paintbrushes with paint.

Death in a Bygone Hue

An Art Center Mystery

Who knew going home could be deadly?

I will show them success. Thirty-year-old artist Jill Madison repeats this mantra when she returns to her small hometown to restart her life. Hired to manage a new community art center, she vows to make it successful so the people of her town will have what she did not have—an education in the arts. She no sooner accepts the job than a burglar makes off with an irreplaceable sculpture and workers find a ghastly surprise in the basement. Investigating places Jill right in the path of a murderer.


How will she keep her job, run her first big event, and escape a killer who plans to paint her out of the picture permanently?


Drawing of the book cover that includes the title of the book, author, and a canvas with dirty paint brushes.

Death in a Pale Hue

An Art Center Mystery


Life is falling into place for retired teacher Grace Kimball—she’s writing for the Endurance Register and dating its editor, Jeff Maitlin. But when Conrad Folger, the bank president, is murdered and his wife, Emily, becomes the prime suspect, Grace sets out to prove that her former student is innocent. After all, many people had a motive to kill Folger. A list of possible suspects emerges: spurned lovers, unhappy bank clients, and even family members. Then Grace and Jeff find a diary from 1893 in Jeff’s newly bought mansion. It was written by a naive seventeen-year-old who married a powerful judge—and what began as a joyous event quickly turned to terror. As Grace reads the diary, she sees parallels to Emily’s life. Can lessons from the past help Grace clear Emily’s name before the murderer strikes again?