woman readingWhat’s to do when my first novel hasn’t yet come out and the second one is done? Catch up on all the piles of stuff that have accumulated over the course of all that writing? Check. Call my children and grandchildren? Check. Read some books which have also piled up over the last few months? Check. Watch all the movies I’ve DVR-d because I didn’t have time to watch them? Check.

I’m still relatively new at writing books, and I am not quite in the swing of balancing my life between, well, my life and my writing schedule. Right now I’m at “loose ends,” as they say. The first book isn’t released to ship until December 10, and the second book is at the editor’s. When the second book comes back from my editor I’ll have plenty to do! But in the meantime, what’s a person to do?


To Do ListI do have a list.



woman typing on computerI have an interview with author Terry Shames and I should be writing the questions for it. The finished interview must be in by October 15 so it can appear in First Draft, the newsletter of the Guppies (first writers) at Sisters in Crime. And I have a marketing plan due at my publisher’s once I get it put together. I need to design new business cards and bookmarks for my first book. To make connections with other writers, I need to reserve a hotel in Bethesda, Maryland, for a conference next spring, and I have a deadline to meet for that. I’m currently getting feedback on the second book from my beta readers. I just finished writing and emailing my newsletter from my website to a number of people who signed up. I also gave a copy of my first book away to a lucky winner through that newsletter. I need to make a trip to a town just east of us to set up a book signing, and also check out some stores that might sell my first book.

I’ve probably forgotten a couple of things on that list. But when I look back at that paragraph, I realize that I’d much rather be writing. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that writers today have to sell and market their books, no matter what publisher is printing them. It’s a business and I’m learning to wind my way through it as I go along. No longer do book companies give an author trips across the country to market her book… well, maybe if I were already selling millions…

So, I need to get on top of the items on that list.


retired  But, well, I’m also retired.




On second thought, I believe I’ll read a book.