Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

I know I have an Events page which is WONDERFUL, but I figure sometimes people might like to plan ahead, and old events drop off the Events page while new ones then appear. But you can’t see more than a few at a time. So here are some of the exciting events...

The Many Memories of Mugs

          It is early morning (5 a.m.), and I hope I never have to give up coffee as I age. I suppose coffee is like so many other sins I have had to relinquish because they affect my blood pressure, breathing, and weight. (I am still savoring...

Body Surfing and Books

During the years I taught at a high school, I spent a great deal of time impressing on students the importance of reading.  Some took to that idea better than others.  While there are multiple reasons to read books, magazines, and newspapers, I am going to...

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