Three May Keep A Secret

Three May Keep a Secret

An Endurance Mystery

The cozy town of Endurance is a picturesque place … if you don’t mind a dead body or two. In this first Endurance mystery, Grace Kimball, recently retired teacher, is haunted by a past
tragedy, an experience so terrifying she has never been able to put it behind her.
When shoddy journalist Brenda Norris is murdered in a suspicious fire, Grace is hired by the newspaper editor, Jeff Maitlin, to fill in for Brenda, researching the town’s history.
Unfortunately, that past has disturbing secrets. When a second murder occurs, Grace’s friend, Detective TJ Sweeney, races against time to find a killer. Even Grace’s life will be threatened by this killer in the shadows.

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Three May Keep A Secret

“…if two of them are dead.” Retired teacher, Grace Kimball, discovers the truth of Ben
Franklin’s aphorism when her quiet town of Endurance is rocked by a murder or two.

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