Public Speaking     As I kiss 2014 goodbye, here are five milestones I’ll remember:





1. Receiving the Advanced Readers’ Copies of Three May Keep a Secret, which then went out to various

authors and 001reviewers. Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus weighed in positively. (June)




2. Coming up with a brilliant idea for Book Three of the Endurance series, and starting to flesh that idea out into a full-fledged novel (September.)



004  3. Finishing Marry in Haste, (Book Two of the Endurance series), and sending it off to my editor, Lourdes Venard (October.)




4. Holding my first novel, Three May Keep a Secret, in my hands after it arrived007 on my door step (November.) Yay! This is the high point of 2014.




011  5. Launching my novel at the Warren County Public Library with the help of the American Association of University Women and many readers and friends from our small town (December.)





As I look forward to 2015 in my publishing agenda, I’m working on:


1.  Continuing to do book signings and book talks in the local area.




2. Making marketing plans to spread out toward Peoria, Illinois, and the Quad Cities.

3. Thinking ahead to marketing in the Chicago area.Titles1


4. Researching and writing Book Three in the Endurance series, a novel as yet unnamed.


Lourdes   5. Going to a major book conference on the East Coast where I will meet lots of virtual friends from Sisters in Crime (SinC), and finally meet my editor for the first time. I will have travelled with a huge basket of thanks and gratitude to deliver to this amazing woman.