Several people have asked me how to join this blog or post a comment.  Here are directions for one or both.

First, to join and become a follower you need to have one of these accounts: Google email, Yahoo mail, AIM, or Netlog.  If you have, for example, a Google email or Yahoo email address, once you click on “Join this site” it will ask for your Google email or Yahoo email, etc.  Simply put it in and fill in the blanks and you not only join but you can also post comments.

To post comments with or without joining, you need one of those accounts.  It is very easy to set up a gmail account or a yahoo account.  Once done, you can click on the “Comments” link under the post you want to write about and it will ask you for your “profile.”  Your profile means your gmail address or yahoo address, etc. Plug that address in with the profile scroll down bar, write your comment, preview it, and then publish it. When you click on “publish,” it may ask you to identify two words in order to publish.  This is simply a means of avoiding spam on the account.  

Authors always like comments so please, comment away!