When you’re self-publishing on multiple platforms, you have to cross your fingers that the various moving parts come together at the right time. Right now, I’m crossing my fingers that The Witch’s Child will be up on Amazon and other platforms for the October 15 launch. I have an excellent cover designer in Karen Phillips, and a knowledgeable formatter in Tarra Thomas, so everything points in that direction. If you remember, the third novel in the Endurance Mysteries, Death Takes No Bribes, had Jeff Maitlin and Grace Kimball coming together, the bad guys banished, and all’s right in the cozy mystery world. Until the next book.

The Witch’s Child Returns

Retired teacher Grace Kimball is elated when former student Fiona Mackenzie returns to Endurance to make burial plans for her recently deceased mother, Sybil Mackenzie. But this will be no ordinary funeral because Fiona’s mother—a self-proclaimed witch—died in prison following a sensational Endurance murder trial ten years earlier. Detective TJ Sweeney doesn’t need witchcraft or visions to know Sybil Mackenzie’s presence—dead or alive—will rekindle anger in the residents of the small town.

When the judge from Sybil’s trial is poisoned, the evidence points toward Fiona, the witch’s child. Who else has a garden full of poisonous plants? Who else lost her mother to ten years in prison? Who knows the kind of dark magic the witch’s child can create? Her mother put a curse on all involved in her trial. Has Fiona returned to get revenge?

TJ finds other suspects ripe with motives to murder. Add vicious whispers and malicious rumors in the local coffee shops, pushy reporters looking for a story, and clashing opinions on social media. The town of Endurance is like a tinderbox just waiting for someone to light a match. Can Grace and TJ find the judge’s killer before that match is struck?

The Witch’s Child released in paperback and e-book on October 15, 2021.