Since my novella, The Locket: From the Casebook of TJ Sweeney, comes out as an e-book, it doesn’t have a back cover for the plot description. Instead, I’ve included that description on an interior page shortly after the title page.

A sneak peak, one month ahead, of what’s coming up for TJ Sweeney:

95d972c3-ea31-4f6a-b91a-3c415a3396e3The Big Band Era–Dancing on the Rooftop–Romance in the Air–and Murder in the Shadows

“… the dispatcher called to tell her it was time to move the bones.”

After solving a double homicide in the hot Midwest summer, Endurance police detective TJ Sweeney isn’t given long to rest. A construction crew has found human bones while digging a building foundation on the outskirts of town.

Sweeney’s investigation soon concludes this is a murder victim, but from many decades earlier. Trying to identify the remains and put a name on the killer takes the detective through a maze of dead ends and openings, twists and turns.

And then it becomes personal…



Join me once again in the tiny town of Endurance, Illinois, for another cozy mystery in a town that seems to be accumulating dead bodies lately….          April 10, 2016   A new novella at